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Light and Airy Essex Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Lucie!

I am an Essex based wedding photographer, but I cover the entire UK and destination weddings.

So far 2018 has seen me treading through two feet deep snow, strolling down graffiti painted streets, racing across lakes in private boats, climbing around the Cliffs of Moher and chasing light in Essex wedding Barns all for my wedding clients. I couldn't be any luckier in the job that I do - I love being a  wedding photographer. 

Many would describe me as a fun-loving, adventure seeking, passionate and light chasing wedding photographer.

My favourite time to shoot on a wedding day is at the golden hour when my couples get to spend some alone time in the lush gardens or fields soaking in the day ends light. I would go as far to say Golden Hour Wedding Photography is my speciality; many of my clients book me because of portraits I take at this time. If you are looking for elegant yet relaxed and natural wedding photography, please do get in touch!

I have a light and airy wedding photography style and focus on shooting relaxed and natural moments throughout wedding days.

Nothing pleases me more than capturing a clients wedding day with minimal interference; mainly authentic moments. I strive to encapsulate all the details and tell a story. When you look through your wedding album in 10 years time, I want you to be able to relive your wedding day by looking at the portraits of your wedding day. 

Have a look through my blog and see if you like my style. Feel free to send me an enquiry - I will be in touch as soon as possible.