Gemma and Chris' Pre Wedding

I highly recommend pre wedding shoots for all of my couples. There are multiple reasons why:

• My couples get to see how I work.  

• Those who don't feel very comfortable infront of the camera feel much more relaxed about the photos on the wedding day.  

• Both myself and my couples get to know each other that bit more before the big day.  

• It helps me to see how the couples interact with each other making the couple shoot on the wedding day a lot more fun and relaxed.  

• Couples use the images for invitations or incorporate them into the day.  

• Get photographs  in a place you wouldn't normally get proffesional photos e.g cities, forests, lavender fields or beaches. 

It has to always be a place that's personal to the couple and this makes every Pre Wedding shoot so interesting!  

Covent Garden, March 2016

Covent Garden, March 2016