9 things you should think about for your wedding day

1. Wear Flats - You can buy the prettiest sandals without having constant pain on your wedding day. They aren't seen on your wedding day!

2. Spend time with your closest friends & family and make sure your bridal party help with group portraits (this speeds it up!).

3. Enjoy everything you have spent money on; food, photo booths, gif booths (AMAZING) and games. Check out Carmen and Hari’s fun day here.

4. Research your evening entertainment; an empty dance floor in the first hour is never a good thing. You need to make sure it's a night to remember for everyone with music you know everyone will enjoy.



5. FOOD. What would you want served on your wedding day? Research is important, I've seen amazing caterers with Pizza vans and Fish & Chips arriving to all of the guests delight. It's a long day for everyone - we don't need any fainting!

6. Investing in a photographer who has the perfect style for you and your wedding. Bad photos can ruin your memories, lots of couples forget that photographs will be the only lasting memory of the day for most. 

7. Abandon traditional wedding activities such as Wedding receiving lines - these take such a long time. Whilst waiting for the food to be served why don't you visit everyone on each table instead. 

8.  Get Sunset photos. If you hear your photographer say 'Golden Hour' you abandon whatever you are doing. The glorious golden glow is only there for a mater of minutes or even seconds. 


9) Use the mantra: Does it spark joy? (as Marie Kondo says). It’s your wedding day, no one elses.


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