Why have a second shooter?

Reason number 1

You will get two points of view during the ceremony!

Reason number 2

You will get both preps covered!

Reason number 3

Whilst I’m busy capturing group portraits they’re busy capturing the guests naturally.

Reason 4

Touch wood this never happens but just incase I fall ill during the wedding day there is someone there still capturing everything! (This has never happened to me in the 6 years I have been capturing weddings).

We can also car share (on some particular weddings) and get shots like this:


reason 5

Group portraits run so much smoother with them. The second shooter can assist in getting relatives and friends ready and make sure there are no distractions. Jamie in particular is fantastic at spotting distracting objects - phones in pockets, sunglasses, the list goes on…


reason 6

I love getting my second shooters opinion on locations or ways to shoot. They also have their own way of creative style which my couples benefit from!

To see more examples of wedding galleries using second shooters browse my blogs or send me an email!

TipsLucinda Watson