To sum up 2018...

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In 2018 I have:

- fed baby lambs (top of the list of course) 

- i was a bridesmaid and put my camera down for day (!)

- captured 34 incredible wedding days with roughly over 19,000 edited images

- photographed weddings in Finland and Italy

- featured on Love My dress, Rock n Roll Bride and Whimsical Wonderland weddings

- flown through a major thunderstorm causing absolute chaos  

- left my full time teaching job

- visited the Winnie the Pooh exhibition at the V&A

- became a wedding vendor for We are the Wanderers and featured a wedding

- been chaffeured in a Jaguar after a central London wedding

- cried during the grooms speech

- exhibiting at the National Wedding Show at Olympia

- booked past my wedding goals for 2019 by October 2018

- holed my playsuit whilst shooting a wedding (the worst!)

- witnessed my friends proposal

- endured a long hot summer (Caroline Flack, 2018)

- believed football was coming home

- discovered the walkie talkie option on Apple Watch

- driven over 7000 miles for photography